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Muskoka Chair Cedar Furniture Price List

Muskoka Chair Furniture Types Unfinished Finished
Muskoka Chair Folding w/ footrest $478.00 $638.00
Muskoka Chair Folding no footrest $442.00 $592.00
Muskoka Chair Non folding w/ footrest $426.00 $566.00
Muskoka Chair Non folding no footrest $395.00 $525.00
Muskoka Love Seat w/ footrest $554.00 $744.00
24" Round Cedar Table $218.00 $268.00
30" Round Cedar Table $258.00 $338.00
Tete-tete Lounger no Footrest $738.00 $1,018.00
Tete-tete Lounger w/ Footrest $806.00 $1,126.00
Muskoka Lounger Chair $514.00 $684.00
Chair/Lounger Pillows $74.00  

UNFINISHED - Assembled, plugged & sanded ready to paint
- Assembled, painted / stained ready to use


Contact us to discuss the details of what you would like to purchase. Once we review all your requirements, we'll email you the total cost, including delivery (if Required), along with taxes.

- Email Money Transfers / Visa or Mastercard / Cheques
- $100.00 deposit at time of order - balance on pick up/prior to delivery.
- Delivery is available in Ontario - Contact us for an estimate.

-Note: For cheques, the process of your order will begin after payment has cleared - 3-10 business days (time varies from bank to bank).

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